K-ON! – Don’t Say Lazy Remix: “Never Lazy, Always Crazy” (W.I.P.)

“Been a long time, comrade.”
So it has been a good three or four months since I have last updated this site. Within that four months time-line, I have been busy with school, work, and my orchestra at the college I attend so time for me wasn’t much. Now that I have more free-time (more than I should), I can update this site about a good up 3 times a month or so.

Let us get right to it! Despite my hatred for this anime, I decided to do a military-style remix of K-ON!’s “Don’t Say Lazy” because dammit the song’s catchy. It is one of those catchy J-Rock songs I can actually stand to listen to without my ears bleeding.

As always, here are the links

YouTube –

MP3 File – Never Lazy, Always Crazy – Remix of K-On!\'s \"Don\'t Say Lazy\" by Benjamin Snow/Project ARES

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COMING SOON: Lastest Plans for Remixes

Well, since I won’t be too busy over the course of this summer, this give me to remix a few songs in the near future. Here what I have in mind so far:

“She’s a Girl?! – Music of Metriod” This will be a melady of various Metriod tunes from the classic Nintendo Entertainment System series.

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Fire Emblem 4: The Genealogy of the Holy War – Wind Warrior Holsety Violin Cover

Been a while since my last update! I shall tell you all why in a later post why I haven’t been updating this blog for a while.

Anyway, here a video of me playing “Wind Warrior Holsety” from the Japanese only video game “Fire Emblem: The Genealogy of the Holy War”. Please excuse the quality of the video because I have yet set up my microphone to gain a better quality.


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Sonic the Hedgehog 2 – Final Boss Orchestra Remix (W.I.P)

Sonic the Hedgehog: Boy what a pretty interesting history you have over the past nineteen odd years. From humble beginnings, to rival against a fat plumber during the 16-bit years to what he is today: A failure. However, this post is about my remixes, not my rants against this former icon-turned-butt of many jokes within the video game industry.

The Final Boss theme from Sonic’s second game is a very popular song to arrange, cover, and remix within the video game music fanbase. Just about every video game music have done something with that song and it is my turn to tackle this epic final boss piece. I view this remix more as a re-arrangement than an actual remix due to the fact I didn’t actually change the style of the song. Like many have done before me, I also did this in an orchestra style. Original? You bet it’s not.

Hope you’ll enjoy.

Box.net Link

YouTube link coming soon!

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The End and Yet A New Beginning – An Original Piece

Well, despite this blog is mainly for anime and video game remixes, I think I shall also upload my original works.

This original piece is titled “The End and Yet A New Beginning”. I wrote this piece for a very popular Legend of Zelda fansite Zelda Universe for a visual and performing arts contest the held every month.

My song is about how when many things come to an end, something new is there to take its place for a total renewal of things once well-known to somebody.

Well, I hope you’ll enjoy!

YouTube Link

Box.net Link (In H.D. Sound)

Creative Commons License
The End and Yet A New Beginning by Benjamin Snow is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License.


(Sorry for all cap locks rage, I just wanna protect my original works. Remixes are kinda iffy given the fact I’m just reworking somebody else works.)

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Elfen Lied – Lilium Remix: War of the Lily

Well boys and gals, here it is, the remix that got me into this business. This is “War of the Lily/Lucy’s War”, a remix of “Lilium” from the drama/psychological anime “Elfen Lied”. I first started this remix during the Chirstmas season of 2009 after I had finish reading the Elfen Lied manga. The struggle and pain of Lucy and the Diclonious inspired me to this arrangement.

When I was brainstorming what should I do with this remix, I was reflecting on how Lucy fought for so many years in her life. Every day was a battle for her in the war between the Humans and the Diclonious. Lucy was this general leading her brave soldiers in the face of merciless defeat. With that vision in mind, I decided my remix of Lilium would be a powerful, stern, orchestra style mix.

Of course, your first remix aren’t perfect and I actually do consider this remix one of my worst. Not saying it was horrible done but I know I could had done better. Heck, there’s even a huge gap that was nothing but kettledrums and a snare-line towards the end of this remix!

Anyways, I hope you’ll enjoy my very first remix. It truly open a door in composing and remixing music for me!

YouTube Link

Box.net Link

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Holy Diver, May You Rest in Peace…

On this Sunday of May 23, 2010 marks one week that the world has went without the legendary metal singer Ronnie James Dio. Dio peacefully passed away on May 16th, 2010 at 7:45am after his six months battle with stomach cancer in a Houston hospital. He was 67 years old.

To be honest, I wasn’t a huge fan of Dio’s work but I do understand how much of a huge influence he was to many musicians. As a musician myself, I thought it’ll be a good idea to take a little bit of time to reflect on Dio’s hard works and contributions to the music industry. I believe many musicians, both big named and and us small guys, would not even be in this field if it wasn’t for Dio inspiring them to take the musician’s path.

By the way, here’s a statement from Wendy Dio on dealing with the trolls who are taking advantage of Ronnie’s death:

Ronnie hates prejudice and violence! We need to turn the other cheek on these people that only know how to hate someone they didn’t know. We only know how to love someone we know!
-Wendy Dio

Source of the Quote

Holy Diver, you been out too long in the midnight sea…


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Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni (When They Cry) – Main Theme Ai Remix (W.I.P.)

And yet another Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni remix from yours truly. I am in love with this show, aren’t I? Currently, I am currently remixing “Ai”, the main (read “main” not opening”) theme of the horror series “Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni” or “When They Cry”. This remix opens with an original solo composition from the flugelhorn that leads up to a section from the melody of the Main Theme Ai. A short pause and the bassline from the song is played by tubular bells with a series of legato strings playing chords (which I must fix). After this, the main theme is played for a short bit and it ends there.

Box.net Link

YouTube Link

Hope you’ll enjoy!


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Lost My Music Remix – Lost My Brass Players

Who could had guess it that the young Haruhi Suzumiya could master a whole brass symphony as well as rock it on the guitar?

Lost My Brass Players is the second remix I have done over the course of the last five months (along with the Higurashi remix and two others that has yet to see a release on the blog). As the title suggests, Lost My Brass Players is a brass orchestral remix of the popular J-Rock song “Lost my Music” from the anime series “The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya”.

This remix focus heavily on the brass family of the orchestral (Trumpets, French Horns, Tubas, Trombones, etc.) so if you’re a strings lover, you kinda outta luck on here. For some reason, this remix reminds me of going on a grand hunt for a kingdom. I’m just weird like that and I have a horrible time explaining music rather than just remixing or writing it.

Well, hope you will enjoy this piece!



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Very Important and Very Cool Legal Stuff! So You and I Can’t Get Sue!

Anime Re-Symphonic, Project: A.R.E.S. and anything relating to the originality of this blog is protected under copyright law.

All arrangements and compositions, artwork, photos, etc. are copyrighted to their respective owners.

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