Sonic the Hedgehog 2 – Final Boss Orchestra Remix (W.I.P)

Sonic the Hedgehog: Boy what a pretty interesting history you have over the past nineteen odd years. From humble beginnings, to rival against a fat plumber during the 16-bit years to what he is today: A failure. However, this post is about my remixes, not my rants against this former icon-turned-butt of many jokes within the video game industry.

The Final Boss theme from Sonic’s second game is a very popular song to arrange, cover, and remix within the video game music fanbase. Just about every video game music have done something with that song and it is my turn to tackle this epic final boss piece. I view this remix more as a re-arrangement than an actual remix due to the fact I didn’t actually change the style of the song. Like many have done before me, I also did this in an orchestra style. Original? You bet it’s not.

Hope you’ll enjoy. Link

YouTube link coming soon!


About Project Ares

A humble, young musician seeking his dream of being a composer or teaching the next generation of musicians via school.
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