K-ON! – Don’t Say Lazy Remix: “Never Lazy, Always Crazy” (W.I.P.)

“Been a long time, comrade.”
So it has been a good three or four months since I have last updated this site. Within that four months time-line, I have been busy with school, work, and my orchestra at the college I attend so time for me wasn’t much. Now that I have more free-time (more than I should), I can update this site about a good up 3 times a month or so.

Let us get right to it! Despite my hatred for this anime, I decided to do a military-style remix of K-ON!’s “Don’t Say Lazy” because dammit the song’s catchy. It is one of those catchy J-Rock songs I can actually stand to listen to without my ears bleeding.

As always, here are the links

YouTube –

MP3 File – Never Lazy, Always Crazy – Remix of K-On!\'s \"Don\'t Say Lazy\" by Benjamin Snow/Project ARES


About Project Ares

A humble, young musician seeking his dream of being a composer or teaching the next generation of musicians via school.
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